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Solandra LLC

Woof Woof Dog Soap

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Your beloved dog's fur will feel silky and smell naturally good, not like your friend just roll in …..

Use at home or on the go when needed most. Did you see your dog's shoulder start to drop and then the roll?

Lathers faster than your dog can shake.. :) ..or close to.

New improved formulation. 

made with organic ingredients




Saponified Olive Oil*, Canola Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Castor Seed Oil; Coffee; Sodium Lactate. *organic

This 'n That

To Use: Use on dog's body only. Wet your dog first with warm water. Try not to let them shake. Lather directly with the bar of soap or, ahead of time, make liquid soap to use. To make liquid soap to use.
To make liquid soap: Place the bar in a container and cover with water. Let stand 24 - 48 hours. Pour part of the liquid soap as needed on the body of you dog to lather. Have fun!

Keep bar high and dry between uses for longer lasting soap.

Please recycle this box and repurpose the hair tie.


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