Products FAQ:

Why use Solandra soaps & products?  They are just better for your skin.  We use natural ingredients, plant based oils & butters and essential oils.   

In our soaps we leave in the much desired glycerin instead of extracting it and selling it as due the mass producers. 

Our products are petroleum ingredients-free, synthetic fragrance oils-free, phthalates-free, synthetic dye & colorants-free, palm oil-free (destroys orangutan habitat), & cruelty-free.

In fact, we have a group of family, friends & testers that test each product before it is put on the market for you. 

Our soaps are big to handle for us.  Please cut in chunks for easier handling, to take on the go (try in plastic bags), 2 different locations or give one as a gift.

How do we keep our soaps lasting longer?  We are glad you asked.  Keep them high & dry between uses and out of a steady stream of water such as the shower.  Try our locally handcrafted ceramic soap dishes for your different sinks.  See our "Mercantile".

How do can we make liquid soap?  Easy!  Just put slivers of soap in either a pump, spray or squeeze bottle.  Add water (our water is hard, so I use filtered water).  Let stand a while before use and shake ever so often.  Use. ............that's it!.....preservative-free too.


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