The Story Behind Our Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet

The Story Behind Our Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet

Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet - unscented

There is a story behind every single one of our products. 

In the winter of 2018, I noticed that my beloved John’s hands were most uncomfortable to touch and hold as he works with his hands for a living.  And let’s be frank, so often mine are a bit rough too.                                                       

My mind started ticking away for a solution and possibly a birthday gift for him. After much research and testing, and while keeping to our core values of sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, I came up with the first usable batch of our lotion bars in time for his birthday. He loves them, and I love how his hands feel more “holdable”.

Not much has changed since then in my formulation for this product that we love.  We still use these bars a lot in the winter, all this past year due to the extra hand washing and sanitizing because of COVID-19 and when we forget to wear our gloves working the soil or whatever our hands get into. 

Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet - Lavender 

Our Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet are available in unscented and lavender essential oil.  Each variety comes in two sizes.  One for on the go and one for at home. 

Each batch is lovingly handcrafted right here in the good ole USA. They are packaged in earth friendly reusable and recyclable tin containers.

We infuse calendula petals, commonly known as marigolds that contribute wonderful benefits, in our cold expeller pressed sunflower oil.  This skin lov’in oil is light weight, high in fatty acids, Vitamin E, and rich organic Shea butter.

Beeswax, Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet and Calendula Petals

Our beeswax, seals the deal, it is locally sourced from Colorado Mountain Honey.  They practice the highest standards in sustainable beekeeping and are now in their third generation of this ancient practice. Not only are they the largest commercial producers in this state but they also raise bees in our pristine mountains and valleys of western Colorado.  And here is the other kicker, they are the only commercial producer in our state (and of a handful in the nation) to have a lease and are allowed to harvest in our national forests.

Lavender bundles hanging to dry

Let’s not forget about all you lavender essential oil enthusiasts.  Lavender is held near and dear because of its other great benefits in addition to satisfying our sense of smell.  We use steam distilled Lavandula augustifolia lavender essential oil of the highest quality.

Give our Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet a whirl on your cuticles, hands, elbows, knees and feet, they will feel so soft you’ll want to do a happy dance!

Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet can be paired with our Lavender or Unscented Lip Butters and our Sista’s Body Butter in Unscented or Scented (geranium, lavender & lemongrass essential oils).  All are available in our Love Your Skin Collection on our website.


Good for the Earth.  Good for You.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.  

Woman holding a box with Unscented Lip Butter and Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet - unscented.

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