Thank you.

Thank you.

Hello Friends, I hope this finds you well.

How are you doing?

What a year, and what a busy time it is again. 

I laid in bed this morning while it was still dark.  Through the window the stars were twinkling back at me.  Unable to go back to sleep, I savored a few more precious moments while all was quiet and peaceful.

My mind started going through the checklist of everything I need to accomplished today and I decided it was okay to just simply be thankful.

I am thankful for the soft white light on the ground, the trees and the bushes sparkling against the night sky.  The fresh fallen snow is welcomed moisture that finally arrived after so many fires burning nearby this year. 

It made me think of all of those folks who have been so much more impacted.  We all have been touched in different ways this year with COVID-19, children & parents managing schooling, marches, fires, hurricanes, flooding, displacement, loss of homes, sicknesses, loss of friends and family.  My mind wanders on and begs the questions, “What can I do?”, “What can we do?”.

We can be thankful.  We can be kinder.  We can do any actions whether small or large.  We can reach out to others.

Thank you for supporting us.  Your purchases allow us to donate our soaps to those in need.  Giving back to our local community has been part of Solandra's core values since our humble beginnings. 

This past year of 2020, with its unique challenges, we have also reached beyond our community and donated to those in need in Denver and Las Vegas; fires victims in Northern California and Colorado; and essential workers in Colorado.

Thank you for your generosity.   Stay safe, stay healthy.



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