Make Valentine's Day Cards- Brighten Someone's Day

Valentine’s Day can make us feel a variety of different ways.
  A fun and inexpensive thing to do is to make Valentine's Day cards.  They can be given to family, friends and to those who you have been thinking of that need to hear “you are special”. 
 Valentine’s Day card
  This past year has been especially extra challenging and who couldn’t use a little sunshine?  Sometimes the simplest of things such as a card in the snail mail or hand delivered in this age of immense technology can bring greater joy than expected.
  Why not make it a special time with your kids, your family and your friends whether in person or via technology?  Sometimes it can be a contemplative, creative and giving time to do just by yourself.  Which ever way you choose, it is a way to spread a little love around.
  For materials why not repurpose what you already have?  You can repurpose magazines, colored paper, lace, ribbon, used wrapping & tissue paper, prior cards, old books or calendars and printer paper. 
Valentine’s Day cards
  Express your messages with colored markers, crayons, pens, glitter glue, paint, watercolors, printed words or graphics.  Adhere pieces together with glue, yarn, thread, glue gun, glue sticks, craft glue, tape or whatever you come up with.
  One of my sister-in-laws yearly takes is a beautiful photo, prints it, attaches it to folded cardstock paper and embellishes the card with different things she has lying around.  She then prints out her message and adheres it to the inside of the card.
  Another favorite of mine is the simplicity and ease that most kids do.  Just take crayons or colored markers, draw or cut out hearts and write a simple thoughtful message.  Viola, you are done!
Valentine’s Day cards
  Whether your Valentines are simple or complicated, take just a few minutes, a considerable amount of time or somewhere in between, or are simply thoughtfully purchased, they can bring someone a little sunshine.
Have fun. 


Good for the Earth.  Good for You.

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