Earth Day everyday.

Make Earth Day Every Day


Earth Day is here again.  And I was thinking through all sorts of ideas to improve making Earth Day every day.
How to live more sustainably. 

What one more thing at least can be incorporated easily into our daily or weekly lives?

Our Earth planet needs our special care to protect plants, animals and our future generations.

Brainstorm Ideas

What ideas do you have?  

potted plants

Help the world’s bees:  

Without bees, we would not have many of our food plants.  Bees are our pollinators.  Imagine what the world would be like without our pollinators.

  • Leave part of your yard undisturbed for native bees.
  • Leave logs in your yard undisturbed for native bees.
  • Use only organic fertilizers.
  • To control weeds: pull, hoe, weed wack, cover or use 40% vinegar solution to kill weeds.
  • Refrain from using poisons such as toxic herbicides and fertilizers.
  • Leave the dandelions in your yard. Bees and other bugs depend upon them. 
  • Plant flowers and native plants for all the bees. 
  • Mulch your yard.  Healthy soil = healthy creatures + healthy plants + healthy food. 
  • Teach others of all ages.

river, trees, meadow and hills

Reuse or repurpose before pitching out and purchasing a new replacement.

  • Turn a plastic container into a veggie or flowerpot by simply drilling holes in the bottom for water drainage. 
  • Repaint and repair furniture for a fresh look. 
  • Repurpose clothes or donate to your favorite thrift store.

Dandelion Salve

Many Solandra products are packaged in metal tins and glass jars, perfect for repurposing.  

You can repurpose our tins and jars for holding:  

• sewing notions. 

• matches for camping. 

• hair ties. 

• fishing gear. 

• organize your drawers for rubber bands, push pins, paper clips, erasers, you name it. 

• fill with a gift for someone else. 

• fill with small things for traveling. 

• the possibilities are endless. 

• simply recycle.

 sunflower close up

Recycle.  The more the merrier.

Use less plastic.

• Bring your own bags to the grocery store to carry your veggies and all your purchases.

• Use reusable containers for foods and little things.

• Reuse containers to shop at your favorite local bulk store.  

• Use your purchase power to support products that are plastic-free.  

 Note:  All but one of our Solandra products are plastic-free and we are looking for ways to change this.

Lake and mountains


Lessen your carbon footprints.

• Walk or bike for errands.

• Carpool or bunch errands together.

• Use solar or geothermal energy for your heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, transportation other energy needs.

• Use less energy.  Turn off the extra lights, drive less.

• Plant more shrubs and trees to create more oxygen and help cool the planet with their shade.


Purchase products that use sustainable materials for production, packaging and shipping.

Our goal this year at Solandra is to use more sustainably harvested and organic ingredients in our products.  
We will also continue to strive to make our packaging and shipping materials from sustainable sources and contain post-consumer recycled materials.
What ideas do you have?
Leave clean comments below. 
Be safe, thankful and healthy.


Good for the earth.  Good for you.

Have a Spa Day Every Day.

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