• Making Time for You

    Here we go!   It is such a busy time of year.   I bet your calendar 📆 is filling up, you are doing things for everyone and feeling overwhe...
  • Make Earth Day Every Day

    Brainstorming ideas to live more sustainably and make Earth Day every day.

  • Meet Our Hawaiian Ginger Connection – Kolo Kai Organic Farm

           When it’s cold and wintery or any time of the year, do you dream about a getaway to somewhere warm, tropical and in the land of rainbows? ...
  • The Story Behind Our Lotion Bars for Hands & Feet

    There is a story behind every single one of our products.  In the winter of 2018, I noticed that my beloved John’s hands were most uncomfortable t...
  • Giving to Those in Need - The Salvation Army Intermountain

    We are proud to support the work and mission of The Salvation Army which has been in existence for over 150 years without discrimination. For Decem...
  • In These Trying Times...

    In these trying times, I seem to almost run to the simple things with greater appreciation.

    Another sunrise, family, friends, clean air void of burning forest smoke, any moisture from a bit of rain or snow and who shall I test or call to brighten their day.

    That is my inspiration for creating Calm Mountain Soap with lavender essential oil.


  • Wake up with Java Orange Soap

    So excited about the new soaps and your favorites with a new twist. Wake up in the morning with Java Orange Soap that delights your nose with fresh...
  • Thank you.

    Thank you for supporting us.  Your purchases allow us to donate our soaps to those in need.  Giving back to our local community has been part of Solandra's core values since our humble beginnings. 

    This past year of 2020, with its unique challenges, we have also reached beyond our community and donated to those in need in Denver and Las Vegas; fires victims in Northern California and Colorado; and essential workers in Colorado.

    Thank you for your generosity.   Stay safe, stay healthy.