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Bath and skincare now made with organic ingredients and essential oils.


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"Ooooh, my favorite Solandra treat right now is the wonderful Solandra Lotion Bars infused with calendula and scented with lavender essential oil. I keep it next to my bed and don't miss a night using it as part of my pre-sleep relation regimen. I love knowing that everything is fresh, organic and made by a craftsman.

I have been ordering from Solandra for over 3 years. The products make me feel fresh and pretty. My skin loves the Solandra excellence I can count on on every time I receive a package from them!"

Beth B. Las Vegas, NV

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Giving back

When you purchase our products, we use 10% of profits to make and donate soaps to homeless shelters.

Everyone needs to feel special especially in times of crisis.

Here at Solandra we have giving soaps since our business opened in December 2017.

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